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Release Date - To be Announced. Game By Nintendo. Original by SNK.
Shot from the GBC version
1997 October 1, The END DAY.
Savage war engulfs the world ... civilization is destroyed. An evolution had taken place. The earth's axis shifted and all creatures became mutated. Life would never be the same. Those surviving vowed not to repeat their mistakes of the past and erected a great tower in the sky to oppress evil forever...
OK, so maybe the apocolypse date was a little off, but this is still an awesome game. Some call it the best RPG of the NES era. It's kind of a mix of Zelda and Startropics, and a little bit of Dragon Warrior sandwiched in the middle. You awaken from your cryogenic chamber to find that you must save this post-apocolypstic world from all the monsters.No deluxe features have been announced yet, but they may want to change that "end of the world" date. With all this foolish hoopla going around about the end of the world, this game would make a perfect comeback in 1999. 
What? There's only one GBC screenshot?! Geez! Oh well, here are some NES screenshots.
Bring those classics back baby! Yee-hah!
Previewed by Adrock, 1999